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OK. Here is the “legal stuff” our attorneys require that we tell you. It's for your protection (and ours!), so please take a moment to read this important info.


Ownership of the Website

Yup, I, Hallie (Harriet) Peterson, own this site and the company doing business as Hello Envy. The buck starts and stops here. My direct phone number is 760-481-5558. I like this number, so please don’t give it to Wikileaks!


Use of the Website

By accessing the Awesome ArtWear website, you warrant that you understand and accept the following:


1. This is an e-commerce site intended to make garments, including activewear pants, yoga pants, leggings, and other products available for you to buy.


2. If you order something here, you must pay for it and for any applicable taxes, fees, or shipping charges at the time of purchase. Production will not start until we receive payment.


3. Images and styles on Awesome ArtWear may occasionally change. Some styles are limited edition and are available for a limited time. We make no promise that a style you liked will be available at all times, so be sure to save yours or buy it when you see it. That said, if you miss a style you love, Contact us and we’ll try to put you and the design together.


4. I know it’s a stretch, but we hope you will read the fine print in the website, including refund and shipping policies, color variances, sizing, contact info, etc. We want to be sure you and we define things the same way so that you will never be disappointed.



Simple: We own everything that's written on this website and in other Awesome ArtWear communication or promotional materials in any medium. We and certain third parties own all the images. 


You are welcome to share, non-commercially and through social media to your personal sites, any pictures or designs of Awesome ArtWear Collections or marketing photos. However, some of our product designs are licensed from third parties and can be reproduced only in the creation of Awesome ArtWear clothing. If you use them outside of our agreements, we can get into a heap of trouble; so please ask us for permission before you act on the impulse to share our lovely pants in any commercial or non-editorial use. If your need/use is reasonable, so are we.

Oh--this is important: You agree that anything you send or tell us--pictures, product reviews, trend ideas, etc. (of course this does not include your personal contact and financial information)--becomes our property and may be used by us in any type of communication both on and off the website without further permission from you and without any compensation to you. We may give you your 15 minutes of fame, but don't quit your day job.


Disclaimer of Liability

We make every effort (down to calibrating our computer screens to the printer-produced colors) to honestly assess and represent all products shown on the website. Since there are third party products and software on the site and since computer displays may vary in their ability to properly represent images and colors, we cannot guarantee that what you think you are getting will always be exactly like what we are providing. Awesome ArtWear

assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience, irritation, embarrassment, or fashion faux pas that may occur if products are slightly off from your computer representation. This Disclaimer of Liability also applies to any injury—including physical, mental, emotional, or sartorial—that may occur if products or the website are unavailable or delayed for any reason. We assume no responsibility, financial or otherwise, in such cases.



Incoming: Links coming into Awesome ArtWear from other sites: We usually love them as they help you find us, but we make no claims about the content or authenticity of any site that links to us. If an incoming linked site is weird (or just distasteful in some way that we define), we may disable it.


Outgoing: We carefully link to a limited number of sites outside of Awesome ArtWear. This is a service to help our users conveniently find additional information or opinions. Again, once you're on another site, we cannot warranty the content or credibility of the information you may obtain there. In using the Awesome ArtWear site, you use the links at your own risk and understand that following inbound or external links may expose you to things that are not part of Awesome ArtWear and for which Awesome ArtWear accepts no responsibility. (Not that there's much that will likely go wrong, but we want you to know that we have no control over these other sites.)



Prices of Awesome ArtWear products may change at any time and may be different on the website than through other retailers. Certain promotional discounts or prices may be offered on the website for limited times, after which they may not be available. Some promotions may be offered exclusively to a select group (e.g., registered users or new customers) and may not be universally available. Just want you to know about pricing changes--so if you see something you like NOW, you may want to buy it NOW.



Per the State of California, sales tax will be assessed on purchases sent to addresses within California and, at present, no sales tax will be assessed on products mailed outside of California. There may be taxes or duties on international shipments, depending on local laws; buyer is responsible for all taxes due to foreign local governments. (This information is intended for individual buyers and does not apply to wholesale orders.)


Use of this website is governed by the laws of the State of California, U.S.A.


If you have any questions about the use of this website, please contact


Hallie Peterson


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