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Frequently Asked Questions



Leggings Details


Please tell me your leggings have a pocket!

YES! We LOVE pockets and know that all women need a place to carry their "must haves." So all Awesome ArtWear leggings have Awesome ArtWear's Exclusive Invisible Zipper Pocket at the waistback that is roomy enough for phones, glasses, keys, ID, etc.


Your goods are safety tucked away to provide "hands free" wear and flexibility. (I choke on the rare instances when I go out in a dress with just my phone and NO pocket in which to stash it!) Yes, we have your back when it comes to Pockets!


Where are my leggings made? Of what materials?

Our Awesome ArtWear leggings are made in the USA, specifically in sunny Southern California.


Our fabric is specially made for leggings with 88% Polyester and 12% Dupont Lycra (spandex). This provides thickness to eliminate any "see-through" and the Ferrari of stretch to assure full recovery (returning the legging to normal after stretching.) Awesome ArtWear held up production until this new fabric was available for our use--only the best for our customers!


Do you have a treatment or something to keep me from sweating in my leggings?

Wicking is the process that quickly moves moisture (sweat) away from your body. At Awesome ArtWear we have wicking actually built into our fabric, making it a lifetime benefit to keep you cool and dry. (Note: There is also a lower cost spray-on wicking technique that we do not use. Spray-on will last for only about 40 washings.)


Sometimes I get camel toe. Any solutions?

Yes. Awesome ArtWear designed a triangular insert (gusset) in the crotch of our leggings to assist with the fit of our leggings. This stretch piece provides additional material at this crucial spot to allow you to stretch without embarrassment and diminish the visual effect called camel toe. If you are between sizes, sometimes buying the larger size may avoid camel toe.  


How do I care for my leggings?

Our Awesome ArtWear leggings are made from resilient fabric with exceptional 4-way stretch that is always easy care! To maintain their quality, please wash your leggings by hand or machine in lukewarm or cold water. Lay flat or hang to dry. Do NOT use fabric softener. With simple care, Awesome ArtWear upscale leggings should be as timeless as the art they display and should last for years.


What sizes are available from Awesome ArtWear?

At Awesome ArtWear we aim for sizing that fits whatever size you are--from XSmall through XXLarge! No vanity sizing or judgment--each of us as an individual woman deserves beautiful clothing that fits. Without being compression leggings, our exceptional stretch material allows for give and take while still fitting your leg. And remember that these are leggings that fit to your legs, so they may feel a little tighter than a regular pant.   

Buying, Shipping, Refunds and other Admin Stuff

Where can I buy Awesome ArtWear leggings?

Currently we sell directly through AwesomeArtwear.com to all customers. This allows us to produce the art in "limited editions" and keep our leggings unique.


For certain retail boutiques and yoga studios we will consider wholesale distribution. We welcome contact from interested retailers, or you may recommend a shop where you would like to buy Awesome ArtWear leggings. (I'm sure the store will like that too!). Just Contact Us.


Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes, Awesome ArtWear provides Free Shipping to and from addresses within the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, APO's/FPOs.) We also pay for shipping if your leggings need to be exchanged or returned. (See below).


International shipments are charged the most reasonable rate offered by USPS (US Postal Service) based on International Priority mail. Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.


What if I need to return or exchange my leggings?

We've got your back! We want you to be happy with what you buy from Awesome ArtWear, and free returns.exchanges (with shipping paid by us) are valid for 60 days from receipt. Just click on Returns for no-hassle refund/exchange instructions.


Do I get charged sales tax on my purchases?

According to current tax law, you pay 7.75% sales tax on any leggings shipped to an address in the state of California. Currently, if you are shipping outside of California, you do not pay tax on your purchase.


Other Fun Stuff to Know


Do you pay a license fee to use the famous art on Awesome ArtWear leggings?

This is determined individually for each design; rest assured that we are legally able to use the art in our collection. Sometimes a license fee is required, sometimes we negotiate with the artist or her/his estate on the use of the art and there is some art is royalty free for commercial use. Regardless, we fully respect and support the artistic talent with whom we collaborate and will not sell any leggings that have a question as to our legitimate use of the art. (We do have a funny story about a trademark for a major New York public attraction...but that's for another time. Watch our blog and see if you can find the leggings in question!)  


Can you make a pair of leggings for me using my favorite painting?

We are on the verge of offering this custom service. If you have a specific work of art you would like us to consider for leggings, please contact Hallie directly. Note: not all paintings/art pieces fit the 3D nature of our leggings. When we see your art, we will be able to determine if it can be applied to Awesome ArtWear leggings.


What made you decide to start this company? 

I love leggings, but I was really bored with basic black. My fear was that without innovation, our beloved leggings might get too generic and end up in the scrap heap of fashion. Enter famous Art. What better way to revitalize our life and our wardrobe than to turn to the many great artists who have added color, design and excitement to our lives. 


Our customers love the the fresh look of artistic leggings! And we knew we couldn't put these lovely paintings and photographs on just any mediocre leggings. Once again, we listened to you, our customer, to learn the things that could inspire you in your leggings. That brought about our Exclusive Zipper Pocket for all your must-haves, a new printing technique that pops the brilliant color of our art, and a full range of sizes to fit all our gals. We worked for 3.5 years to perfect Awesome ArtWear leggings. Just listen to you legs and we think you'll agree!

If you have any other questions, fashion ideas, pix wearing your leggings or anything else to share, please let us know at Contact Us. The better we know you, the better we can serve you!



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