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Starry Night by Van Gogh. The Kiss by Klimt...and more.

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Relax and let famous art immerse your legs in a

timeless masterpiece!

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Designer Leggings - The Great Wave, Hokusai.

$110.00Regular Price$79.00Sale Price

Colorful Leggings - Kandinsky Circles & Squares Famous Art

$110.00Regular Price$79.00Sale Price

Designer Art Starry Night, Van Gogh on Printed Leggings. c.1889

$110.00Regular Price$79.00Sale Price

What Women Want...

A Real Pocket!

An Awesome ArtWear Exclusive!

What Women Want? A Pocket!
  • Be secure with a roomy zipper pocket.

  • Comfy & moves with you 

  • Room for "must haves" phone, shades, lipgloss, ID/cc

  • Hands free wherever you go!

We love good leggings! And we were bored with basic black. So we asked women how we could make leggings that they would be inspired to wear. 

The Result: Awesome ArtWear--Fabulously Smart Designer Leggings. 

  • Our Exclusive Zipper Pocket. 

  • Lifetime wicking. 

  • Dupont Lycra spandex (the Ferrari of 4-way stretch). 

  • No Judgment sizing.

  • Oh, and don't forget custom curated Master Art! Experience designs as never-before felt when we wrap your legs with Van Gogh, Klimt, Monet...and even exotic Brazilian Street Art. 


In this era of disposable everything, we make printed leggings as current and timeless as the art they display.


Thanks for stopping by. We welcome you to our

Awesome ArtWear Collection! 


        We think…no, we know…that art adds excitement, beauty and elegance to life. It inspires us to live up to the wonder of

the great masterpieces.


The foundation of Awesome ArtWear designs is Art: 

  • Great Masters like Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Klimt (The Kiss),

  • Emerging digital and experiential art,

  • Dynamic photographs that leave you breathless,

  • Landmark buildings throughout the world.

At Awesome ArtWear YOU become the canvas. Your leggings are a

3-dimensional version of the 2-D art; your curves bring the art to life!


These timeless artists and their masterpiece art can be in 

your wardrobe and your world. We welcome you to

  Awesome ArtWear to find your next extraordinary leggings!    


Find your adventure in every day!

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